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Day and Conditions
Midday, Spring

• Weather:
Cloudy, partly sunny

Light breeze coming in from the EAST

12°C / 54°F
The Oracle
This is where we will sum up the current events of the roleplay for those rejoining the fray, and bring attention to people who might need someone to join them to keep it going.
• • •
Roleplay has not yet started...
• • •
... There was said to have been an ancient order in years past in these parts. Now, only ruins remain, and an eerie silence. Or so it must seem. But the old winds are stirring, calling The Descendants home. There are remnants of an ancient civilisation, and now wisdom and traditions that were once long lost shall be rediscovered. It is only a matter of time before the Kosmikos Genesi shall return.
Roleplay has not yet started. We still have to freshen up our characters/biographies, the roleplay areas, guides, etc. before we can be re-released to the public. Please bare with us!
• • •
This is where new staff members, announcements (such as needing roleplayers for pups or in-game events) will be posted for the general public.

Ally Packs


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PostSubject: Member, Ally, Enemy Form   Member, Ally, Enemy Form EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 8:56 pm

[size=200]Kosmikos Genesi Clan[/size]
Welcome Back!
Welcome to ancient Greece, home to the Kosmikos Genesi Clan. Named "Cosmic Genesis" in Greek, which means Various Origins, or beginnings. Simply stating all wolves who will join have their own origin and own story to tell. This pack is located in the vast mountains of Greece, untouched by the human population. Let me guess, you were off on your own, traveling, searching; but for what? You weren't completely sure; maybe a family, or just a fresh start. Then you stumbled upon this area of Greece, it pulled you in closer, like you were meant to stay. Almost as if the wind itself  whispered in your ear "Stay here." Why do I know this? Because it happened to me. After I've gone through much, I looked for land in Greece. There were many good and bad places to settle, yet the land told me "Don't stay here, keep traveling deeper, you'll find it." If the land spoke to you, then you were meant to be here, listen to the winds that lead you here. Some say the wind holds the voices of the ancient Greek and they will never steer you wrong. Maybe you have found your destination... Welcome to Greece.

New Site:
That's right, instead of cleaning up the old site I've created a new one. KG VII is still very much under construction, however should be done in no time!
(Almost )All New Members:
A few of our former members will be returning to us, and that's great! However new ones are always welcome!
-You must have at least 20 WQ posts-
-you must have proper grammar, making it easier for other to understand your posts better-
-You must be able to sign up on the site, we are a highly active pack and all of our Role-play takes place there-
-When typing a role-play post, try to keep the minimum of a paragraph.
-you must be able to have fun and enjoy yourself here! If you do not feel comfortable then you are free to leave-

[size=150]-Code Of Conduct-[/size]
Now before you decided to look any further, please read through the basic site rules.
-Respect. Be respectful to all members, all the way from Omega up to Alpha. Each and every wolf has their place, and without them the clan would crumble.
-No Discomfort. Do not harass anyone here, if they are doing something wrong; simply correct them or inform a council member.
-No TMI.  Please keep this strictly RP, only speak of your wolves. Do not give any information of who you really are.
-Average Wolf. No power playing whatsoever, each wolf must have at least three weaknesses.
-Active.  Make sure you stay active, if you are not you shall be demoted to a pack friend.
-Grammar.  Please use proper grammar so other members can understand you. Spelling and punctuation are important.
-Realistic. Keep it real, no wings or anything. Remember all members are REAL wolves or canines, nothing more. [size=50]Phrase= Chaora[/size]
I allow unique colored eyes such as violet, red, and orange. But I prefer your pelt be realistic.

-Single Post.  Do not double post anywhere on this site or on the WQ thread!
-Sign Up. You must sign up on the site since that's where all of our Role-Playing takes place.


Original Pack Creation: August 24, 2013
Pack Recreation: February 21, 2014
Site: https://kosmikos-genesi-vii.forumotion.com
Pack Theme: Ancient Greece
Motto: The blood of the Greeks flow through us all, together we stand, our clan will not fall.
Colors: ▲#008000 ▲#008080  ▲#BFBF80
Members: 4
Male: 1
Female: 3
Titans: 0
Friends: 0

[size=150]-Symbol Guide-[/size]
Apprentice/In Training
Percent The Olympians Trusts Them: (%)
[size=150].:Our Ranks and Wolves:.[/size]
||Head Olympians||
A Head Olympian is simply our form of an alpha. They are knowledgeable
of the land, myths, ranks, members, and all that goes on. They are of course the highest
ranked and most respected of the clan, if there are no teachers or leaders of a rank; the
alphas will train the  student. These wolves are chosen to lead because of their devotion to
 the clan, they have proved to do anything in their power to keep the pack safe, even if it
means fatal to them.

|| Lennox || || Pure Chaos || || (100%)
|| None || || None||

|| Council Members ||
The council members are the wolves second in charge, this rank contains the rest of the council and second in command.They are a highly respected group, many members take their orders without hesitation, however this rank is still respective of their alphas. When the head Olympians are gone, the council will keep order in the clan. They help by teaching new or young members their place in the pack, they participate in many things such as protecting and providing.
|| None || || None ||
|| None || || None||
|| None || || None ||
|| None || || None||

|| Leaders ||
Just what the name says, they are the leaders. The council will soon have to handle a vast majority of wolves. Not always able to keep everything orderly in every rank. Thus one wolf from each rank will be granted the title of Lead {insert rank}, which means they will help organize the others of that rank. Such as leading a hunt, teach how to plant, how to cure a harsh disease, and so on. They are gifted and respected wolves of the pack.

|| Myth Tellers ||
Myth tellers are exactly as their names imply, they share the tales of the land. These members are highly knowledgeable of the Gods, deities, and mythical creatures. They usually share most stories with interest adults, newcomers, and young wolves. They help to explain why many lands, ranks, and other item are named what they are; since many are named for a certain reason.. Members love myth tellers, and respect them and their intelligence of ancient Greece.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Geras ||
The Geras are the elder wolves in the pack, they are now retired. These older wolves enjoy relaxing in the territory, ready to answer any questions naive wolves may have. The Geras are wolves who have decided to choose this specific pack as their final resting place. They give encouragement, hints, and helpful tips in areas they know most about. Pups, warriors, all members, even alphas look up to these ancient wolves, seeking guidance.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Artemis ||
Artemis' are the hunters of the pack, they provide much of our food. They are known for being large and cunning, or swift and sly. These diverse providers are one of the many reasons this pack is so strong, the territory contains a slightly wide range of possible prey. However only fully trained Artemis' are able to take down the largest prey that roams our grounds.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Aphros ||
The Aphros rank, is our fishers. They are the other providers in the clan, and are known to bring home a feast during Salmon season. They can catch fish large enough the feed arounfd 6 wolves or more. Out fish species range deeply in size, able to feed a whole pack or just one wolf for a snack. There is a lake, and river in our land. Both containing much fish, our fishers usually have long narrow muzzle, able to dart sharply and grasp a fish.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Ares ||
Ares represents our pack warriors. These powerful broadly built canids protect the pack all day everyday. They risk their lives to keep all others safe, doing all in their power to guarantee safety. When the head wolves leave the area, they always ask an Ares to stay back and keep a close eye on the pups in case of danger.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Itus ||
The Itus rank contains the wolves who are our trusted loyal guards. The keen sited wolves patrol often and keep an eye out for things that may be out of order. If something doesn't seem quite right, they'll be sure to howl a call to the Ares wolves or the council. Depending on what's wrong. They are always on alert, especially when traveling away from the den site.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Hermes ||
These wolves are the scouts, and also messengers in the pack. They are fast and full of stamina, their curiosity gets the best of them. Wanting travel around and discover encourage them to scout out new lands, or new things. Since they are willing to travel into almost any area, the alpha sends them into rival Titan territory to send messages to whoever is there.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Hesykhia |
Hesykkhia are our rank for spies. These slender and cunning canines are light on their feet and hide easily where ever they may be, seeming almost invisible. Their job is to spy on the Titans to inform the alpha whether the rivals plan an attack or how many are their. The Hesykhias need to keep track of the Titans and even the wolves within our boarders. Making sure all wolves follow packs laws, and don't plan to over throw the head Olympians.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Apollo ||
Apollo this rank is our healers status, they are knowledgeable of the wolf's average structure. In case something looks wrong, they'll be able to pinpoint it exactly. They are intelligent of herbs and other healing materials, such as splints and proper foods to eat. The Apollos actually have their own den full of stocked herbs, however only the alpha knows where it lies, once an Apollo grows trustworthy, they will be shown the den.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Aphrodite ||
This rank is not in the common wolf pack, Aphrodite is the queen of love. Yes, love. Pack Aphrodites are wolves who help other pack members find the right wolf. They are also highly easy to talk to, they help with simply life problems so no one in the pack is upset. These members need to be easy going and fun to talk to, also must remember key info of each wolf to make sure they match well with another.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Cicre ||
The Cicres are the clan brewers, a crafty cunning fox, known as Dolos, brews potions often and sells them to the pack. You can learn to brew elixirs or even invent a new one. These potions can be positive or negative, making you either clumsy and fatigue or a highly skilled hunter. you may even get a job with Dolos and get paid.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Demeter ||
Another slightly unique rank to have, this rank is a gardener. Demeters are like Apollos, highly knowledgeable of herbs and how to grow them properly. They too have a special area, know as Demeter's garden. Once a wolf sow interest in the rank Demeter, the alpha will escort them to the beautiful acre of herbs, flowers, and other vegetation. They know each plant is different and the more rare the more care it'll need. These wolves usually have delicate maw ans paws to tend to the land.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Satyr ||
These wolves are the baby sitters of the clan. Very kind, gentle, playful, and well watchers. These canids love spending their time with the young, even though they can be a paw full at times. With devotion they help train the pups to learn their place in the pack, teaching them basic skills like howling.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Mortal ||
Okay, before you ask,yes all wolves here are mortal. It's just the name of a member rank. Wolves here are unsure of what rank they want, or just choose to not have one. They can also assist with anything the others need help with.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Etos ||
Etos, is a pack yearling. These young naive wolves are going to be training soon for whatever rank they wish to proceed with. They have almost mastered basic skills, now it's time to get more advanced with training. They will start going on more patrols, hunts, and fishing trips.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Demi-Wolf||
A Demi-Wolf is simply a a pup, wolves 11 months and younger. Through this stage they hit many mile-stones and begin to understand pack life. Soon they fully begin training and master simple basic skills. As they get closer to a year old, they learn about each rank and choose which they'd like to train for.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Tarturas Resident ||
This is the clans omega rank. Tartarus is the deepest part of the underworld where those who have done much wrong spend their time. If a wolf breaks too many laws or leaves the pack and tries to enter once more, they may be placed here until trust is established.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Titan ||
Titans are the rivals, there for roamers who wish to be rivals in the boarder land shall be given the Titan rank. They are not all that friendly, and stay deep in the shadows. They are dispersal wolves so they often fight one another as well as our pack. Not much food is found in their lands either.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| New Comer ||
Simple, this is were all new members will be placed. Eventually you will be moved to the rank you wish to train for.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 3/ unlimited ||
|| Isis || || WhiskeyWolf|| || (0%)
|| Destiny || || - Vivid Dreams -|| || (0%)
|| Cleopatra  || || Beta Head|| || (0%)

 || Pack Friends ||
Pack Friends may pop into the RP and interact with the clans in their land. They are usually well known by at least the monarch so they know they are no threat, though if you do enter the Roleplay, even for a small amount of time, you must RP your way out. Such as saying you are off to travel once more, but can stick around in the out-lands if you wish to visit once more.
|| 0/ unlimited ||
|| 0/ unlimited ||

|| Ally ||
Just like the Pack Friends, you may enter the RP in the territory or outlands. They are usually well known by at least the monarch so they know they are no threat, though if you do enter the Roleplay, even for a small amount of time, you must RP your way out. Such as saying you are off to travel once more, but can stick around in the outlands if you wish to visit once more.
Land of Four Seasons - Led by Ocean and Ajax

Distant Bloods - Led by Aurora

|| Rivals ||
Rival pack members may join our RP but like Dmitry followers, if they enter the territory, they may be put in danger.
-Pack Reviews-
Currently N/A
Currently N/A

[size=150].: Member :.[/size]
Physical Description:
Desired Rank:
Activity 1-10:
[size=150].: Pack Friend :.[/size]
[size=150].: Ally-Rival :.[/size]
Pack name:
Rival or Ally:
Why do you wish to be so?
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