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Member of the Month is a true honour given to a member that has been active, friendly or helpful. You can recognise them in the forums by their sparkling username. A new member is chosen at the beginning of each month. They recieve +10% Loyalty, 30 Drachmas, and 20 skill points in their skills of choice.
There currently is no Member of the Month because the site isn't even finished yet! (Reason for member being chosen MotM)

21st Feb 2014 | We are proud to announce that we are remaking the pack, with the help of Cleopatra, who was formerly Boots, who's idea it was to recreate it! Our WolfQuest thread is already up, which you can view here, and we are already accepting members while we work on the site. RP will be up at a estimated date of 1st, April, thought you may register on the site and get to know the members in the chat and some places in the forums! Welcome back to Greece.
30th Oct 2013 | With pretty much all member inactive, the pack is dead. Rest in peace, Kosmikos Genesis.
18th Oct 2013 | Talos is back from his long absence for who-knows-what. Welcome back, buddy! The pack missed you!
25th Aug 2013 - 21st Sep 2013 | Please welcome Boots, Nyx, Nuka, Kallista, Ben, Seru, Nymeria, and Sirena to the pack! Fantastic to see us growing!
24th Aug 2013 | Kosmikos Genesis (Version 1) is open, and the WolfQuest thread up and running. Already collecting members!

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